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Want Other Home Décor Ideas? Try Dried Flowers and Plants!

Dried Flowers and Plants for Home Decor

Every woman dreams of receiving flowers from a special someone. It is a sweet gesture that can make a woman’s heart flutter. Not to mention, you won’t miss not having a photo with the nice bouquet on hand and show it off on Instagram and Facebook. 

Unfortunately, flower bouquets can only last for days, or weeks if you are lucky enough. What will you do with the dried flowers? Throw it away? Sure. But did you know that you can do something with the dried-up flowers? You can use it to decorate your home! You can even find pretty dried flowers and plants in a home furnishing store near you. 


Fresh vs. dried flowers and plants for home decoration 

Fresh flowers and plants can brighten up your living space. They can also make your home smell good and improve indoor air quality. The only downside is the amount of maintenance you will need to keep them fresh for longer. Especially for flowers that wilt only after several days and then end up in the trash bin. 

And then there are also dried flowers that are as if frozen in time. They may not be as fragrant, vibrant, and alive as fresh flowers. But something is captivating about dried flowers. Not to mention outlast fresh flowers and save money from buying fresh flowers over and over again. 

You can buy dried flowers at crafts stores or a local farmers market. Or you can dry flower bouquets yourself. You can also try cutting branches and leaves instead of flowers if you want a rustic look to your home. They look dry but still somehow look organic and elegant. 


Popular dried flowers and plants 

If you are aiming for a sustainable and less expensive interior home decoration, then it’s time to use dried flowers and plants. Here are the best-dried flowers and plants you can use to decorate your living space. 


Dried eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is known for its fragrant smell, an ingredient for medicine for colds, and yes, koalas’ favorite thing to munch on as their favorite meal. However, eucalyptus leaves and their silvery-green stem can be a great decorative addition to any room. Put a couple of dried eucalyptus leaves and stem and arrange them in a nice white vase to be displayed in your home. 


Dried wheat bundle 

Dried wheat bundles are great table centerpieces that offer a rustic and organic feel in any room. Plus, these are affordable and available online and in your favorite florist or home furnishing stores. 


Dried branches 

Why not try displaying dried branches and twigs instead and put them in a basket or vase? Voila, a simple but elegant and inexpensive way to add décor to your home! You don’t have to go far away to get branches – just check out your backyard and collect dry branches to your heart’s content. 


Dried palm leaves 

Dried palm spear fans can add elegance to your room. It has a bigger size hence effective in making a statement for minimalist rooms. Get some palm leaves and cut them in various lengths for extra appeal and depth. A home furnishing store in Franklin TN offers several home décor including dried flowers and leaves for your interior decorating needs.

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