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What to Consider Before Using a Shaving Gel

Should You Use a Shaving Gel

Beard and mustache make a man. For a lot of men, growing a beard or mustache makes them manlier, to say the least. But like taking care of your mane, one should also have regular facial hair care. This includes the use of quality facial hair care products such as shaving gel, which you can buy in a trusted personal care store near you


Choosing a shaving gel 

If you have been shaving for some time now, you do not simply pick up a razor to shave. Sure, you can go ahead – but you can expect painful and itchy shaving aftermath. That is why you should not forget to use a shaving gel to prep up your face before getting shaved. 

However, other shaving lubricants in the market can make deciding a challenging task. One of which is using shaving gels. This article will help give you tips on properly using it and how to choose the right shaving gel for a smoother and flawless finish. 


What is a shaving gel? 

In case you haven’t seen one yet (perhaps because you are more familiar with shaving cream), shaving gels are a type of shaving lubricant that comes in jar or tube form. It somehow looks and feels like gel toothpaste when you touch it. However, it is way different from shaving cream that you lather first before shaving your facial hair. 

Why use a shaving gel? There are pros and cons in using this type of shaving lubricant, so make sure to do your research before buying one for personal use. 


  • Has less risk of clogged pores because shaving gels do not contain oil unlike shaving creams
  • Ideal for men with acne-prone and oily skin 
  • Doesn’t need lathering, hence making your shaving routine faster and simpler 
  • Reduce the risk of razor scratches and other skin irritation, hence also ideal for those with sensitive skin 



  • Some men still prefer shaving cream because it has a richer lather unlike shaving gels 
  • Can cause clogging on razors, that is why you should rinse the razor more often when you are using a shaving gel 


As mentioned, you should do your research first before using a shaving gel. This means you should also consider your skin type to determine whether shaving gel is the best choice for you. 

If you have sensitive skin, better to use ones that are labeled hypoallergenic. Meanwhile, oil-free products including shaving gels are more suitable for men with oily skin. If you are one with dry skin, make sure to choose a shaving lubricant that contains moisturizer. 

Shaving gels also come in unscented and scented variants. Remember that the latter may contain chemicals that can also cause some irritation on the skin. Then again, it depends on your skin type. That is why you should be aware of the skin type that you have so you can choose the right shaving products and ensure a smoother finish. Check out this shaving gel from a trusted variety store in Franklin TN, among other products being offered!

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