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What to Consider When Buying Candles For Home

What you need to know before buying candles for your home

Candles are not only for birthday cakes. These can also be used to make a room smell better and improve your mood. At the same time, candles can also spice up your interiors. You would want to consider buying scented candles not only to make your home smell good but also to add aesthetic appeal. You can check out home décor and gift stores in your area for good-quality candles for your home. 


Different types of candles 

Different kinds of candles will amp up your home. It depends on how you want to use the candles. Choosing what kind of candles you want for your home is important so you get the most out of these home décor. 


Scented candles 

As the name suggests, scented candles can make a room smell aromatically better. It can also create a warm glow to the room while giving it a pleasant and relaxing smell. Scented candles offer both ambiance and aromatherapy – a pleasurable sensory experience indeed!


Decorative candles 

These types of candles add aesthetic appeal to any room. Decorative candles are usually put as centerpieces for dining tables, bookcases, living room, desks, and so on. They also come in different shapes and sizes that will complement the other décor in your room. Some popular decorative candles include: 

  • Votive candles (prayer candles) – square or cylindrical and often put in a vessel 
  • Dinner/taper candles – usually slender in appearances and put in candelabras or candlesticks. Adds a sophisticated appeal especially in dining halls 
  • Pillar candles – cylindrical and made to be displayed alone or in a heat-resistant container
  • Tea lights – small, round, and inexpensive, great to display in different areas high and low and multiples. 


Different types of wax used in candles 

Most of us are familiar with wax candles. But wax candles have different types as well. It’s better to be familiar with the different types of wax used in candles and what’s special in each of them. 


Beeswax candle 

True to its name, this candle smells similar to honey and has a warm glow. Beeswax candles don’t need artificial scents and coloring as it is meant to be used as it is. It is also said that beeswax candles are great for those with allergies and are also less likely to drip which can be messy. 


Paraffin wax candles 

This one is one of the most common wax types. It is often used for general purposes and looks less luxurious than beeswax candles. 


Soy wax candles 

Made from soybean oil, these types of candles are natural and biodegradable, washing out wax spills easier. A sustainable candle option, soy candles also tend to burn longer and cleaner. 


How to care for candles

Candles burn depending on their quality and size. Of course, the bigger the candle, the longer it will last. Also, it is important to care for your candles to make them last longer. Other tips on the proper handling of candles include the following. 

  • Keep candles away from flammable materials, animals, and small children and not leave them unattended
  • Trim the wicks to get rid of the soot and for a longer, cleaner burn. 
  • Avoid burning candles for more than four hours as the wick might for a so-called “mushroom”
  • Use a heat-resistant container to protect the surface where you put the candles
  • Buy only quality candles from a trusted candle store in Franklin TN!

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