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What to Consider When Buying Sunglasses

Tips on Choosing the Right Sunglasses

When there’s sun, one thing you should not forget having in your arsenal is a pair of sunglasses. Not only will it protect your eyes against the sun’s brightness and the unseen UV rays but also keeps you in “fashion”. Finding sunglasses should not be hard since these are mostly available in fashion and accessories stores in every mall and department store. 

However, finding the perfect sunglasses is as important. Aesthetics is not only the important factor here but also how well it is going to protect your vision in the long term. Studies show that excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage the macula which transmits pictures to our brain. 


Tips in buying sunglasses 

Wearing sunglasses can amp up your overall look. But more than aesthetic appeal, sunglasses should also offer the best eye protection. Here are essential tips for choosing sunglasses. 


Choose one that blocks UVA and UVB.

Note that these two are different because the former contributes to skin aging, while the latter contributes to sunburn. It’s the worst combination which is why you should find one that shields your eyes from these two. You can easily find both UVA and UVB protection on the tag or sticker that comes with the sunglasses. 


Use the right sunglasses suitable for driving. 

More so that you need eye protection when driving especially during the day. Eye doctors suggest using one with polarized lenses, which are great in reducing glare. You will need this kind of sunglasses if you had eye surgery. Also choose one that has yellow, green, gray, or brown lenses – colors that are best in reducing color distortion. 


Buy sunglasses for your kids, too. 

Eye doctors also recommend children as young as 6 months old wear sunglasses as well. As early as now, you should protect your children’s eyes by having them wearing sunglasses. 


Other factors to consider when buying sunglasses 

Here are other things you should consider when choosing sunglasses. 


Where are you going to use the sunglasses? 

Choosing the right sunglasses depends on where you are going to use them. For example, better to use sports sunglasses if you are an active person. Replicas of the original-made sunglasses are always available, but you can expect subpar performance if you are already engaged in high-impact activity. But regardless of the sunglasses brand you choose, UV protection should still be the top of mind. 


What color should you choose? 

Finding sunglasses in your favorite color won’t take you a long time. That means using sunglasses mainly depends on one’s aesthetic preference. If you have pinkish skin undertones, you might want to wear sunglasses with silver or soft bronze frames. For those with warm/yellowish undertones, you can try using ones with copper or brown frames. If you are not particular with frame or lens colors, amber or gray shades are the best. 


What is your face shape? 

Consider your face shape when buying sunglasses. 

  • High cheekbones – use rounded frames 
  • Round faces – use rectangle or angular frames 
  • Heart-shaped faces – don’t use oversized lenses 
  • Oval-shaped faces – any kind of sunglasses will suit you (lucky you!)


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