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What You Need to Know About Rustic Design


A home design or themes vary according to their owners’ tastes and preferences. Some like a traditional, classic-looking home. While others prefer to live in a modern or a minimalist home. Regardless of the theme, one thing is for sure: you would want to live in a home that makes you feel relaxed – a place you will look forward to going home to at the end of the day. 

Not to mention there are ways to improve your home without having to spend too much. You can check out home décor stores near you and choose from a wide variety of items that will help add life to your home. Then again, you also have to consider the style or theme you want to achieve the look you want for your home. 


What is a rustic home? 

Perhaps you have already heard about “rustic-themed home” in any home improvement-related topics. A lot of people think living in a “rustic” home means living in a wooden cabin in the middle of a forest with only the bonfire lighting and warming up the home. 

However, a rustic-themed home is more than that. You don’t have to move into a wooden cabin in the middle of a forest to achieve a rustic home. All it takes is using organic and natural pieces to achieve that rustic feel to your home. Most rustic décor is made from natural or lightly-treated wood – anything you can get naturally from the earth. 

A rustic design uses natural, organic, or aged items to decorate a living space. It is the opposite of a contemporary or modern-themed home design. Most farmhouses, coastal, or Tuscan-style homes are considered rustic. Rustic-themed homes often use warm, neutral, and earthy colors such as browns, grays, or beiges. 


Key elements of a rustic home 

Among common key features you will find in a rustic home include: 



It’s not a rustic home if there is no wood element in your living space. When you design a rustic-themed home, make sure to use real wood. It doesn’t matter if the wooden material looks old and beat up, lightly-treated, or organic. Rustic décor is all about taking advantage of the décor’s grittiness and imperfection to create the perfect home for you. 



Rustic décor also uses the wood material’s natural grittiness to create that natural and earthly look of a home. Do not use any shiny home décor as it won’t add up to the overall earthy and gritty feel of a rustic home. 



Rustic homes also often have that heavy feel, unlike modern homes that often have compact and sleek décor. You would often see wooden kitchen tables and desks, dark and bulky leather furniture, and even wall decorations in a rustic home. Most rustic décor is also handmade, which adds up to the overall theme’s personal feel and touch. 



Common materials used to decorate a rustic home include using genuine wood, stone, and bricks, as well as canvas, burlap, and anything neutral-shaded and organic. Rustic décor is not really hard to find. Visit a home décor and gifts store in Franklin TN to find home items that suit your budget and taste. 

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