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What You Need to Know about Side Tables

Why You Should Have a Side Table at Home

Imagine an office, a food establishment, or a house without a table. It could be a dining table, bedside table, work table, coffee table, and so on. We need tables in our everyday lives. It basically makes our lives more comfortable and convenient. 

Tables are not hard to find. They are available in different sizes, shapes, materials, and are made for specific purposes. You can buy them in-store or in an online shop. But before buying a table, make sure to know what type of table to buy for your specific need. 


Should you buy a side table? 

As the name suggests, a side table is usually placed beside a bed, a couch, or any other piece of furniture. The main purpose of side tables is to make sure that your personal items are within reach. It comes in different colors, materials, shapes, and sizes that will suit every user’s need. 

Side tables are a nice addition to your home. You can put it in your living room, the front porch, or in your bedroom. Buying a side table may be a priority for most homeowners or business owners. However, side tables can also offer aesthetics and functionality to every personal space. 

It is also different from a console table. The former is used to put items such as drinks, a book, or any small item that should be easily reached when seated on a chair, bed, or couch. The latter, on the other hand, is a standalone table that can also be the focal point of a room and is intended for aesthetic purposes more than functionality.

When buying a side table, make sure to get the right height. Otherwise, the side table may look awkward and out of place, and maybe hard to use. Remember that aside table should not be taller than the furniture beside it or lower than a nearby chair.

Ideally, the best table size should be 3 inches shorter than a piece of armed furniture, and the same height when it is beside armless seating. Also, side tables aren’t always the highlight of a room. Rather, it should complement a room or a furniture’s overall theme and style. 


Other uses of side tables 

Here are some important uses of side tables: 

  • Makes a room look modern
  • Adds in a new element into the room or living space 
  • Adds texture to a room by breaking the usual patterns with a mismatched table material (whether it’s made from wood or metal) 
  • Can be used as a coffee table or even as extra seating for guests 
  • Can also offer additional storage space for a lamp, a few magazines, the remote control, a potted plant, or any other 

Side tables can make a huge difference to your home’s overall look and ambiance. It can add aesthetic appeal to any room, plus they are highly functional. Side tables are also easy to find and come in different shapes, materials, and sizes. It all boils down to preference and purpose. You can also check out a home décor store in Franklin TN for your home improvement needs.

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