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What You Need to Know About Wearing Jewelry

What to Consider When Wearing Jewelry

Wearing jewelry has been a thing since thousands of years ago. Back then, jewelry was a status symbol and was also used to improve their overall appearance. The latter is still applicable and there is no doubt of jewelry’s importance to most people’s lifestyles. Jewelry is timeless and can be worn on any type of occasion and is accessible to most people. 

You can easily find jewelry items in most fashion and gifts stores nearby. But before you buy jewelry, you need to understand which type of jewelry suits you best on every occasion. The last thing you want is to look cheap and unprepared because of mismatched jewelry. 


When to wear jewelry 

We already know that “less is more” and also applies to wearing jewelry. But sometimes, you need to wear jewelry to enhance your overall look and to stand out from the crowd. Jewelry is also necessary especially if you are going to attend formal events like weddings or awards nights. 

Nevertheless, the key here is to know when and which kind of jewelry is suitable to wear for whatever the occasion is. There are specific jewelry pieces that look great at formal events. Some can be worn in the office, while some you can wear all the time. 

For example, a married couple’s wedding band is fine to be worn every day. Although, some couples have a band that they wear every day even at home, and another pair of rings they wear on more formal events. A keepsake necklace is also good to be worn every day as well as wristwatches to tell time. 


What to consider when wearing office jewelry 

Meanwhile, you should also consider the type of jewelry to wear at work. For one, it is better to choose distracting or clanky jewelry. Other things to consider when wearing jewelry in the office are: 


  • When working in a creative office, you can wear large earrings but make sure it does not cause clanking noises that can cause distractions while people are working. 
  • For less formal offices, wearing stud earrings or smaller hoop earrings are allowed. 
  • For traditional/conservative offices, it is best to wear stud earrings that match your #OOTD (Outfit of the Day). 


Basically, do not wear any pieces of jewelry that cause noise or clanking sounds when you move around the office. If you are not sure whether you’re wearing too much jewelry, go for less. A necklace, a ring, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet or watch are enough for your regular get-up. 


Wearing jewelry for formal events

This is the best time to be all out when it comes to wearing jewelry. Best to choose pieces of jewelry that will highlight your best features. It also depends on your hairstyle for that day (or night). For example, wear a statement necklace or an elegant pair of diamond earrings when wearing your hair up will make you stand out. 


  • Take out of those diamonds and other precious stone jewelry for the formal occasion. 
  • Don’t overdo it still, or you would look like you’re playing dress-up. 
  • Choose a statement piece (whether it’s the earrings or necklace) and focus less on the other jewelry. 


Finding jewelry should not be hard, either. It depends on which occasion you are wearing the jewelry. Looking for special finds and timeless gifts in Franklin TN? Visit one today!

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