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What’s Poppin’? Why Kids (and the Kids-at-Heart) Love Those Colorful Pop Toys

What's in That Colorful Pop Toys

Do you remember the fidget spinner that became popular a few years ago? Somehow, fidget spinners helped manage our stress and made our idle moments more tolerable. But fidget spinners are out as of now, and Push Pop Fidget toys are so in these days! You can buy them in your favorite variety stores near you!

Kids and the kids-at-heart will surely love these colorful pop toys. It’s like popping bubble wrap without using them all up. Once done with the one side, simply flip over and pop all the colorful bubbles over again. Read on to learn more about this simple but satisfying fidget toy that everyone around the world has been busy with. 


Are pop toys a nuisance or useful? 

Fidget toys have become the craze a few years ago, starting with the notorious fidget spinner. This toy came about without its fair share of controversy, as some teachers were said to ban these toys from classrooms. 

This leaves us the question of whether fidget toys, including Push Pop toys, are a nuisance or useful especially for both kids and adults. But one thing may be sure: fidget toys such as these colorful pop toys won’t be out from the market anytime soon. These pop toys can be a distraction, but can also prove to be useful for both adults and kids to help alleviate stress. 

Fidget toys are not new, although pop toys and fidget spinners have become only popular for a few years. Back then, there was even no such a thing as fidget toys. Even clicking a simple ballpoint pen, again and again, is already a fidget item. Some fidget with their rings, stress balls, and clay, among a few. 


Benefits of pop toys 

You can find these colorful pop toys anywhere for everyone to enjoy. They’re affordable, a great promotional item for companies, and a fun gift, especially for kids. A lot of people not only see pop toys as fun toys but can also help manage stress. Other ways these colorful pop toys can benefit users include the following. 


Helps in better focus 

We have to adjust so we can adapt to the current environment we are in. Like putting on earphones or headphones to lessen noise while doing your own thing in the office. 

The same goes for using fidget items. It helps them calm down, stay focused, and achieve peace of mind. A study also reveals that fidget toys help them be in control of their emotions. 


Prevents distraction 

While banning fidget toys in schools can be justifiable, let us remember that not all fidget items are the same. According to therapists, the best fidget items are those that do not attract too much attention (ex. too noisy) and do not need extra attention. Pop toys can be a perfect fidget tool if you are in an online class or meeting (just don’t forget to press mute unless you’re the one talking on screen). 

People have different coping mechanisms and functions depending on circumstances. Some prefer some peace and quiet to help them calm down and be able to focus better. Others thrive in busy environments. This is when pop toys can help manage your idle moments and relieve stress. It’s a great gift for friends and kids, too.


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