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You Need to Stop These 6 Annoying Cleaning Habits Now

Cleaning habits that you should stop doing now

Cleaning your house can be tedious and time-consuming, but should be done anyway. No wonder a lot of homeowners find ways to create “shortcuts” for faster house cleaning. But sometimes, these shortcuts could cause stress and make your tasks harder in the long run. You might even learn bad cleaning habits that are causing you trouble completing your domestic responsibilities. 

Taking care and maintaining your home is not only about buying the trendiest and most expensive home décor or hiring professionals for home improvement. It is also knowing which cleaning habits to stop and ensure a cleaner and safer home for your household. 


Cleaning habits you should stop now 

Are you doing these annoying cleaning habits? It’s time to stop with these habits now and maintain your home better. 


Tolerating paper clutter

Even though there’s online banking and billing, paper clutter is not yet a thing of the past. In fact, you can still find a lot of paper stuff in your homes whether it’s newspapers, magazines, and school projects. The next thing you know, these will pile up and add up to unnecessary clutter. 

Don’t let paper clutter rule your life! Invest in a shredder or assign a place where you store all types of paper stuff at home. Sort through the papers once a week and determine which ones to keep and which ones to throw away for good. For example, check for tax receipts and other documents you should be filing and stored in a safe location. 


Using too many cleaning products 

It is a common notion that the more cleaner you use, the more effective it will be. Wrong. Using too much cleaning product, if not rinsed thoroughly, can attract more dirt. That is why you should follow the recommended amount of cleaner to use so you won’t waste the product and money later on. 



Using dirty tools to clean your house

Can you even confidently say that you can clean your house using dirty cleaning tools? Can you effectively remove dust and debris using a dirty vacuum cleaner? Can you mop the floor clean using a dirty sponge or mop?

So before cleaning the house, make sure to clean your cleaning tools first. Empty the vacuum bag or filter of dust and debris, clean the tools with hot water with a few drops of detergent. Check for parts that need to be changed or repaired. 


Not washing the dishes on the sink immediately 

So you have to wait until the sink gets full to the brim of dirty plates and utensils? Dirty sinks can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and icky insects. Unfortunately, a lot of people hate washing the dishes. Well, you have no choice but to assign someone to do it every mealtime. Better yet, invest in a dishwasher for more convenience. 


Wearing outside shoes inside the house 

Imagine letting in dirt and other yucky outdoor stuff from the ground into your home. Make sure to get rid of this annoying habit and keep your outside shoes outside! Put a shoe tray on the front door and place your dirty shoes before entering the house. 


Not making your bed every morning 

An unmade bed can look stressful and even affect your mood later on. This simple routine of making the bed will make your room more organized, not to mention nice to look at, too. You can add nice décor from a home décor and gifts store in Franklin TN to spice up your room and other parts of your home. 

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