Sanctuary South

Sanctuary South, a clothing and home goods store in Westhaven is undergoing a leadership change, but things won’t look too different. “Our hope is to continue to foster the sense of community, prayer and care that Sanctuary South is known for,” said Nicki Reeves, who, along with her mother, Melanie Johnson, are the new owners of the store. Mississippi-native mother-daughter duo Suzy Mills and Chelsea Skye Netter opened Sanctuary South in Westhaven’s Town Center in late 2016, about 10 years after moving to Franklin. But now that the pair’s other jobs have picked up significantly, they have less time for the store and are ready to pass it on. Coincidentally, they knew another Mississippi mom and daughter who were interested in taking over the shop. She wants to build on what Mills and Netter started, and while the store has recently leaned into clothing and gift items, she wants to shed more light on home decor by bringing in more big furniture pieces.

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