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A'Maries Bath Flower Soaps

A'Maries Bath Flower Soaps

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Our handmade petal soap flowers are made with a moisturizing blend of goat’s milk and shea butter soap.

Enjoy your A’marie’s Bath Flower to add fragrant decor to any sink or bath area.

Inhale the deep, relaxing smell of your flower. It’s your own personal flower garden.

Whenever you desire, pull one petal from your flower and use for your choice of hand washing, bathing, or shaving. The petal melts into creamy lathers that are moisturizing goat’s milk, shea butter and coconut oil.

A petal that is not used completely can be easily saved for the next use. In addition, a guest can use a petal for each shower or bath. If you travel, you can take a few petals with you and know that your wash will be moisturizing on the go.


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